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1.My Journey with Aids and no more

Run by Ken Chaplin, this blog is his personal experience suffering from this virus. He says he was diagnosed by the virus in 1989. He has given a indepth analysis of how he has overcome this disease.

From his posts, and being one of the people suffering from the desease, Chaplin is giving his readers first hand information on what they need to know about HIV Aids. He tries to narrate the drama,  diversions and life experiences he has undergone while suffering.

Visit myjourneywithaids to read more about the blog


  1. HIV/AIDS Skepticism

This blog is run by Henry Bours,Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. HIV/AIDS Skepticism Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS is his tagline.
He says in his about page that The purpose of this blog is to examine HIV skepticism issues and to show that what is puzzling for people who believe that HIV causes AIDS is readily explainable under alternative views soundly based on published research studies.

A keen look at the blog it is clear that the professor understands this topic very well. He is giving clear descriptions about the topic something which makes readers understand him quite well.

His site HIV/AIDS Skepticism has more, check it out


3.My Health Clinic
Elves Kimutai a Kenyan journalist and Health Blogger is the author of this blog. He introduces himself as a person who loves helping people to over come diseases that can be avoided and also teach them how to leave healthy and avoiding diseases, including HIV and Aids.

In his posts, the blog tries to explain the so many diseases people suffer from and how they can prevent themselves from getting them. Being a heath blogger, he understands hit topic of choice quite clearly, a clear indication from his posts and the intensive research he is carrying out while wring his posts.

Check his site on MY HEALTH CLINIC


Silvia Petretti is a woman living with HIV and also an advocate for the human rights of people living with HIV. She was diagnosed in 1997 and since 2005 she has been openly living with HIV, because she believes it is a powerful tool to challenge the stigma and prejudices directed towards women living with HIV. This site, which she is the author.
Telling our story is one of the most powerful tools we have to challenge stigma, stereotypes, and myths around HIV.. Silvia decided to share her story because she believe it can help our communities to see that somebody with HIV is just like you and me, and encourage them to treat people living with HIV with love and respect.

Check out his site on Speaking Up!


 5. HIV/AIDS Awareness

This wordpress blog tries to create awareness on HIV/Aids across the globe. It is run by a group of Boston University Community Service Center students. The blog has posts ranging from true life stories of people suffering from HIV and also how some have been able to overcome this deadly disease.

Visit to see more about the blog.




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